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  • Business Payment Support Scheme: what every business owner needs to know

    Britain’s businesses will face enough challenges over the coming months without having to worry unduly about their responsibilities to the Treasury. So the government have launched a brand new Business Payment Support Scheme to give worried entrepreneurs some breathing space. It’s called Time to Pay.

  • Applying for a government grant

    With the banks still reluctant to lend, one possible alternative source of business finance is a government grant.

  • Avoiding redundancies

    Keeping hold of valuable and experienced staff.

  • Winning new business when business is difficult to win

    A sharp downturn in the economy may not appear the most opportune time to push ahead with plans to attract new business. That said, businesses should consider resisting the understandable temptation in periods of recession to cut back on their marketing efforts in the name of cost saving.

  • Tough times, tight credit management

    With credit ever harder to come by, the looming recession promises to be a challenging time for even the best organised of businesses as they strive to maintain a reasonable cash flow and to avoid late payments. There are, however, a number of practical steps that businesses can take to ensure that they have as tight a control as possible over their finances.

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